Let’s start with a simple truth. There are two ways — and only two ways — to improve your profitability. The first is to increase revenue; the second is to cut costs.

That’s the underlying principle of all business strategy, yet it’s a message that many Australian companies are not hearing.

Be we’re here to change that.

We help Australian businesses with 20+ employees tap into an $8 billion productivity gain*by creating and implementing flexible, virtual workforce models with the potential to save your company millions.

In the 21st-century business environment, maintaining a bricks-and-mortar headquarters is an unnecessary drain on your overhead costs.

Imagine paying no rent. No energy bills. No maintenance costs. These are all tangible cost savings you can make in the short term.

Now imagine attracting and retaining the best talent. No longer loosing your highly trained employees to stay-at-home parenting. Keeping your most experienced people in the workforce longer. These are the long-term benefits a virtual workforce model will reap.

Put the short-term and the long-term benefits together, and you’ve created a competitive edge that will help drive you to the top of your industry.

So how do we do it?

Our approach is based on a tried and tested four-step methodology we call the ‘Four Is’.  

Step 1 : Investigate

We investigate the value and opportunities you can realise by creating a more flexible workforce model.

Step 2 : Initiate

We initiate the policies and procedures required to trial a virtual team in your organisation.

Step 3 : Implement

We implement the recommendations based on the trial outcomes across a wider area of your general workforce.

Step 4 : Integrate

We integrate all the outcomes achieved into a roadmap for the sustainable management of your virtual workforce.


First, our team of experts will spend up to six weeks working with you and your in-house specialists to investigatethe opportunities that exist within your business to create value with a virtual workforce model.

Next, we’ll initiate a custom-designed virtual workforce trial across a modest sample of job roles within your organisation. The six-week trial will focus on a diverse set of roles and be closely monitored and assessed.

Then, we’ll take the key outcomes from the trial and implement a virtual workforce plan across a wider section of your business.

Finally, we’ll integrate all the successful outcomes of your new virtual workforce model into a roadmap that will direct and inform your virtual workforce management policies, training and re-training procedures, and employee engagement strategies well into the future.

Who are we?

Ruth MacKay is the author of The 21st Century Workforce and Australia’s leading expert in virtual workforce implementation and management. She’s also the founder and managing director of OURTEL Solutions and runs her own successful virtual workforce.

Ruth will act as your principle consultant throughout the process, and will lead a flexible team of experts who will assist your in-house specialists through the trial and implementation stages,or step in as needed to fill any expertise gaps.

What’s next?

Whether you’re eager to start reaping the benefits of a virtual workforce, or would like to talk more about what a virtual workforce might look like for your company, we’d love to hear from you.

Please contact us 

*According to research conducted by Deloitte Access Economics.