Potential Benefits

Based on the information inputted, your company’s annual financial gains can be projected with the following result.
Number of employees in your company
Average Salary of your employees (including salary on costs) $0
% of employees who can work away from the office
x the % of a week working away from the office
Annual Staff Turnover %
Annual cost of each employee’s working space $0

Staff Retention Savings
PwC reported reductions in turnover from 24% to 15% (a reduction in turnover of 37%). 25% was used here
Productivity Benefits
Productivity gains can vary depending on the type of work. A 13% gain was used here based on the work from home experiment – Stanford 2013
Absentee Savings Total
Various sources including Absence Management Survey – Smart Health Solutions. Nov. 2016 and Global Workforce Analytics
Workplace Cost Savings
Total savings for the people working away from the office x % of time working away from the office
Total Annual Benefits $0

Other Benefits

Based on your inputs your company will see an annual reduction in commuting trips of 0. This in turn has a commensurate reduction in carbon emmissions as well as the risks associated with commuting to and from the workplace.


* These calculations are indicative only and are based on available benchmarks, experience and research. Companies looking at introducing or expanding teleworking arrangements should conduct a detailed cost benefit analysis that takes into account all the key variables related specifically to their company.

* Based on outcomes achievable in Financial Year 1.