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Email Address
Number of employees in your company
Enter your total number of employees
whole numbers (i.e. 1000)
Average Salary of your employees (including salary on costs)
Average salary of $60,000 (Nov. 16 ABS) with 15% on costs added
whole numbers (i.e. 80000)
% of employees who can work away from the office
Enter your % or accept the default
x the % of a week working away from the office
Accept default value (Global Workforce Analytics 2016) or enter your estimate for your company
Annual Staff Turnover %
Enter the % staff turnover that applies to your company or accept the default. The 15% default based on a 2015 AHRI survey of 603 companies
whole numbers (i.e. 80000)
Annual cost of each employee’s working space
The default value includes average 15 sqm per employee (Building council of Australia) at an average cost of $684 per sqm including outgoings (Property Council of Australia OMR (2016))
whole numbers (i.e. 80000)