Ruth MacKay is the author of The 21st virtual workforce implementation and management.

She employs more than three decades of hands-on experience in mobile workforce management to help businesses gain a competitive advantage, improve profits and retain top talent through leveraging proven virtual workforce models.

As founder and managing director of OURTEL Solutions, Ruth currently runs a successful mobile workforce and takes a results-orientated, evidence-based approach to leveraging flexible,virtual teams to achieve bottom-line business goals.

OURTEL was initially driven by a need she saw in the market to deliver customer service excellence at affordable pricing. But it was quickly evident that clients saw the greatest value in the quality of OURTEL’s staff and their passion to effectively service the client’s customers.

This is due largely to OURTEL’s innovative mobile workforce model. As the company employs a remote workforce based throughout Australia, it is not constrained to recruiting staff in a set geographic location. As such, the company is free to attract and retain the best talent, which has delivered a distinct competitive advantage.

But this is not the first time that Ruth has witnessed the many benefits of a mobile workforce model.

She pioneered mobile workforce management in Australia during the 1980s and formulated the foundations of her own mobile management philosophy as she excelled in managing audit teams that were placed in mining companies spread throughout WA and QLD.

During this period, Ruth built a first-hand understanding of the challenges mobile workforces face on the ground and came up with innovative ways to keep these teams motivated, focused and still feeling part of the company back at their central office.

Ruth’s early success in mobile workforce management led her to the recruitment sector, where she built a boutique recruitment company. Here, she managed large groups of accounting contractors for private organisations and government departments at a time when senior business executives remained resistant to executive contracting.

Her success was instrumental in building credibility around the benefits of executive contracting that is practiced widely at leading Australian companies today.

But Ruth was far from done. In 2008, she combined her years of on-the-ground management experience with her intimate knowledge of tried and tested mobile workforce models to found OURTEL Solutions that provides Australia-based virtual telemarketing solutions for businesses around the country.

Her mobile workforce model at OURTEL Solutions was honoured at the 2011 Telstra Business Awards, and, under Ruth’s direction, the company has grown to become a market leader in its industry sector, capturing a further 9 per cent market share since July 2013.

Today, Ruth has dedicated herself to assisting Australian businesses tap into a lucrative $8 billion productivity gain* with her proven mobile workforce models.

She helps her clients build flexiwork models where some, or all, of their staff can work away from the central bricks-and-mortar office, meet their KPIs and still be productive team members,while saving the company millions of dollars, attracting and retaining top talent, and gaining a real-world competitive advantage.

Ruth holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and a MBA from Monash University. She is a member of the Fundraising Institute of Australia along with the Monash MBA Alumni and Australian Institute of Company Directors.

She has lived in Melbourne for 25 years with her husband and daughter. She loves keeping fit, walking her dogs and is a NEWS junkie.

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*According to research conducted by Deloitte Access Economics.