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The 21st Century Workforce offers you the opportunity to gain the insights and practical 'how-to's and reap the benefits that come from offering flexibility to your staff by employing a mobile workforce model. Based on the author’s firsthand experience, The 21st Century Workforce delivers a simple but effective roadmap that you can use to successfully develop the model most appropriate for your business - one that will deliver higher profits, a higher ROI and greater staff engagement.


About Ruth

Ruth MacKay is the author of The 21st virtual workforce implementation and management.

She employs more than three decades of hands-on experience in mobile workforce management to help businesses gain a competitive advantage, improve profits and retain top talent through leveraging proven mobile workforce models.

As founder and managing director of OURTEL Solutions, Ruth currently runs a successful mobile workforce and takes a results-orientated, evidence-based approach to leveraging flexible,mobile teams to achieve bottom-line business goals.


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Friday, May 25, 2018

How to Run a Functionality Analysis as a Task Director

Various project executives dread giving performance feedback as very much as they dread providing presentations. Exactly why? Well, a lot of our amount of time in project managing is put in setting up and nurturing interactions to obtain issues done, therefore when we include to…